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3 Things You Need To Do To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank

When it comes to your septic tank, you need to understand how to take care of your septic tank. There are a few things that you must do on a regular basis to keep your septic tank pumping and working correctly.

Always Get a Yearly Inspection

You should always get a yearly septic inspection. A yearly septic inspection is not the same as getting your septic tank pumped. With a septic system inspection, an inspector will come out and measure the levels of each layer of your septic tank. They will check on all the moving parts of your septic tank and make sure they are working properly and make any repairs that are necessary. They will check the balance of bacteria in your tank and make sure the balance is allowing for the waste to be broken down properly. If the bacteria level is unbalanced, they will balance out the bacteria level.

A yearly inspection is important so you can keep an eye on your septic system and take action before anything goes wrong.

Keep Good Records

You need to make sure that you keep good records of all the yearly inspections you get, as well as each time you have the tank pumped. If you do any other service repair, document that as well. You should also have a record or map that shows where the tank is buried.

These records will help you know when to service your tank and will be important for whenever you decide to sell your home.  

Keep Poison Away from Your Tank

It is easy to think that you would not poison your septic tank. However, it is easier to poison your septic tank than you might imagine it is. You can poison your septic tank by simply putting stone toilet bowl cleaners in your toilet, or by dumping strong floor cleaners down the drain. Other things that can poison your septic tank include paint solvents, many types of coatings, as well as paint strippers.

These items shouldn't go down your drains, nor should they be anywhere near your septic tank drainage field. Switch to natural cleaners that contain fewer chemicals, and if you need to use a strong chemical, like a polish or cleaner, fill a bucket with water to wash your hands, and dump the bucket of dirty water far from your drainage field.

As a septic tank owner, it is vitally important to get a yearly inspection and keep accurate records of the location and all work done on the system. Also, be vigilant about keeping poison, which can interfere with the breakdown process and damage the groundwater, away from your system.

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