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Tired Of Dealing With Illegal Dumping? How To Secure Your Construction Dumpsters

If you have dumpsters on your construction sites, illegal dumping can be a real problem. Not only does illegal dumping reduce the space you have for your own construction waste, it also increases your risk for liability — especially if someone is injured while on your property. To help you avoid the problems, here are four steps you can take to avoid illegal dumping. 

Secure Your Dumpster

If you're tired of dealing with illegal dumping on your construction sites, take steps to secure your dumpsters. Leaving your dumpsters out in the open, and easily accessible, increases your risk for illegal dumping activities. To prevent the problem, secure your dumpsters. The best way to do that is to lock your dumpsters when they're not in use. Simply close the lids to your dumpsters and secure them with a lock when you leave the site at night. It's also a good idea to secure your entire site with temporary fencing. The temporary fencing prevents illegal dumping and protects your construction site from trespassing.

Install Security Cameras

If you've been plagued by illegal dumping, but you can't seem to catch the culprit, it's time to install security cameras. People are less likely to participate in illegal dumping when they know that their activities may be caught on camera. If you can't afford to install active security cameras on all your construction sites, invest in a few "dummy" cameras. These cameras look just like real cameras, which can help keep foot traffic to a minimum. 

Keep Your Site Well Lit

If your construction sites go dark when you leave for the night, it's time to invest in some security lighting. Leaving your construction sites dark after hours increases your risk for theft, vandalism, and illegal dumping. One of the best things you can do to prevent illegal dumping is to install security lighting around your construction dumpsters. 

Post Your Warnings

If you're tired of dealing with trespassing and illegal dumping on your construction sites, be sure to post your warnings. Installing No Trespassing or Illegal Dumping signs help put people on notice that illegal activity will not be tolerated. The signs will also make it easier for you to file charges against anyone who's caught illegally dumping on your construction sites. 

Don't fall victim to illegal dumping. If your construction site dumpsters are being overloaded by illegal use, the tips provided above will help eliminate the problem.

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