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4 Reasons You Need Portable Restroom Rentals At A Construction Site

You have a new construction site; everything is intact, including the office, stores, and parking. You have even bought new machinery for the construction project. You are equipped and ready to start work. But wait, you have forgotten one essential thing — the toilets. Your workers will spend most of their time at the site and need to relieve themselves.

The good news is that you do not need to construct brick and mortar toilets. No, you can use portable restroom rentals instead. Here are the reasons you need portable restroom rentals at your construction site.

1. Meet Legal Requirements

Installing portable restrooms is not just for meeting the workers' needs but a legal requirement. Yes, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines state that every employer should provide clean portable toilets to their workers. Therefore, you need to count your workers and consult a reputable toilet expert to know the right number of toilets to install. By so doing, you will have kept your site clean and safe and adhered to OSHA requirements.

2. Respect Clients

Is the construction taking place in an active business? The loud noise and dust from construction work are a big enough nuisance for your clients. When the construction workers start using the restrooms meant for the homeowners and their families, there might be even more dissatisfaction for your clients. Your best chance to retain your clients and keep them happy is to rent portable restrooms for your construction workers.

3. Enhance Productivity

When there are no toilets on the construction site, workers will have to walk out to relieve themselves, leading to time wastage and disrupting construction work. Portable restroom rentals minimize movement out of the site in search of restrooms. Also, workers will be happy and motivated when they see that you value and care for their needs.

4. Convenience

Another reason you should rent portable toilets is that they are always available for use. Even if the sewer line or water is disconnected to facilitate construction, they are always ready to serve you and your workers. Even better, these toilets are easy to carry, set up, and maintain.

Installing portable toilets on your construction site comes with more than one benefit for you and your workers. If you are planning to rent portable toilets, be sure to rent from a company that can guide you on the best type, the number required, and the most appropriate location to place them.

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